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A repository of announcements and general news articles about our community. 

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South County Police Station and Animal Shelter Meeting

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A County meeting is planned for Wednesday June 13, 2018 on the South County Police Station and Animal Shelter.The meeting is at the Workhouse Arts Center from 7-830pm, Vulcan Muse Gallery (Building W-16).

Bow Fishing? On Heron Pond?
What’s going on here? Well, if you see a resident/guest using Archery equipment to fish on Heron Pond, don’t be alarmed. They are helping reduce our Grass Carp population. Grass Carp were introduced a few years back to reduce the volume of organic matter (grasses). It worked. Now, reducing their population would be a good thing. You can’t catch Grass Carp the conventional way because they don’t go for bait on a hook. They primarily eat grasses. Bow Fishing for Grass Carp is regulated as a fishing activity by the Department of Game & Inland Fisheries. It’s perfectly legal. If you see someone bow fishing, thank them for helping out!
Larry Rice

Where are my 2018 Pool ID Stickers?

Management finished preparing the 2018 pool ID stickers on Wednesday and they are being mailed today, May 17, to those of you who submitted an online registration form.  Residents should receive the 2018 stickers by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

One-Time Spring Community Bulk Item Pickup Day - this Friday, May 18 - Rain or Shine

During normal trash pickup. Republic Services provides a one-time per year spring cleanup at no additional charge. Republic will make curbside collection of all bulk items with the exception of hazardous materials and white goods.  This is the one time per year that residents do not have to call to arrange for a special pickup of their bulk items.

Pool ID Registration Sessions

In-Person Pool Registration Sessions 
Thursday, May 17 - Registration Session - 6-8pm
Saturday, May 19 - Registration Session - 10am-1pm
Thursday, May 24 - Registration Session - 6-8pm
Friday, May 25 - Registration Session -  1-4pm (last day to register before pools open)
Saturday, May 26 - POOLS OPEN
Tuesday, May 29 - Late Registration - 6-8pm
Wednesday, May 30 - Late Registration - 4-6pm

Once the scheduled pool registration sessions end (May 30), pool IDs will be renewed or processed on Fridays (only) during the pool season in the management office from 9am until 1pm.  Stickers and ID cards will be made available for pickup on Fridays after 3pm at the Glen Eagles pool front desk.  Please ask the guards for your pool IDs (filed under last name).

2018 Pool Closings for Swim & Dive Team Practices/Meets 

A list of pool closing dates/times is found under "Board/Committees" dropdown menu, under "Pool" and "Pool Documents."

Crosspointe Associate Pool Memberships Available

Non-Crosspointe residents can join the Crosspointe pools.  $550 per family for the entire pool season.  Memberships allow children to join the Crosspointe Cruisers Swim and Dive Team.  Please contact the Management office at 703-690-2321 for details and membership forms/instructions.  

Report a Crime, Suspicious Person or Activity

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To report a crime that has already taken place, or a suspicious person or activity, any suspicious activity, use this non-emergency reporting number for the Fairfax County Police Department. Use this method if you want to speak with or see a police officer.

Call 703-691-2131

Found: Racquets at Tennis Courts

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Contact Management Office to describe racquets at 703-690-2321. 

Found: Boy's Bicycle

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FOUND:  Boys bicycle on path behind Oak Chase Circle tennis courts.  Please call 703-690-9640 to claim.

VDOT Snow Removal on All Crosspointe Community Streets

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The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is responsible for removing snow and ice from the thousands of miles of public roads (interstate, primary, and secondary) in Fairfax County, including Crosspointe streets.  Below are some common questions asked every year regarding the snow removal of Crosspointe streets to include some helpful links for residents, provided by VDOT.  

How soon will all roads be passable after a winter storm?
Other secondary roads and subdivision streets will be treated if multiday storms hit Virginia, but crews will focus their efforts on those roads that carry the most traffic. The innovative Web tool, found at

Corrected Account Statements Being Mailed to Crosspointe Owners

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As of Feb. 28, 2018, Republic Services (trash removal company) should have corrected the billing error made to individual homeowner toter rental accounts.  The toter rental fee for Crosspointe residents is $12.00 per toter.  Whether residents rent a 96-gallon trash toter or a 96-gallon recycling toter, the fee per year for each toter is $12.00.

Set of House/Car Keys Found on Oak Chase Circle

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If you lost a set of house/car keys along Oak Chase Circle, please contact the Crosspointe Management Office at 703-690-2321 to provide a description of the lost keychain. Hopefully we can locate its owners.   

South County Police Station and Animal Shelter Information Meeting - Wed., Oct. 11, 2017, 7:30pm

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The South County Federation will hold an information meeting on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, at South County High School Library (Media Room). 

The meeting will start at 7:30 pm. Representatives from Mount Vernon District Supervisor Storck’s office, Fairfax County Design Team (Fairfax County Police Station, Animal Shelter, and the Building Design and Construction Division), and the Steering Committee will be present to discuss the progress and answer questions regarding this facility. 

BOT Approves Property Standards Update for Mailboxes

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BOT Approves Property Standards Update for Mailboxes

The Board of Trustees has approved the ARB’s recommendation for a locking mailbox option as specified in the following update. The changes resulted from some homeowners experiencing problems with mail tampering and theft. The complete revised standard including the appendix is available online. Web site:                    

 Revise the following section as indicated:
XI.FF. Mailboxes and Posts
Add the following to paragraph 1. Requirement:
 c. An application is not required to install an Oasis 360 Parcel Mailbox (locking) provided the standards are met.
 Replace the contents of paragraph 2. Standards with the following:
  1. Mailboxes will be United States Postal Service (USPS) approved and gloss black. They can be either steel or plastic cans, size C1½, or a steel Oasis 360 Parcel Mailbox (locking). Only one post design is approved for use. See Appendix A-3. Mailbox post color will be as determined by the ARB.  Check with the Management Office.

  2. Mailboxes are available at local hardware stores. If not in stock, go to customer service or order online.

  3. Replacement mailboxes and posts shall be placed in the same location.

  4. For ease of identification by emergency personnel, house numbers of reflective white, black or brass  no more than 3 inches in height may be placed on the mailbox or post.

  5. Decorated mailboxes or permanent covers for mailboxes are prohibited.

  6. Mailboxes must be well maintained, i.e., free of rust, dents, and or fading color. Plastic mailboxes must be replaced when they begin to fade.

  7. Posts must be plumb, in good condition and stained when color fades.


Annual Board of Trustee Election: The Results

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Crosspointe homeowners re-elected five trustees at the March 28, 2017, annual meeting:  Board of Trustees President Howard Kaufer, who chaired the annual meeting; and Trustees John Cewe, Pat Ciarlo, Ed Mills and Larry Rice.  The trustees serve two-year terms.  Four positions on the Board will come up for election next year.