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A repository of announcements and general news articles about our community. 

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Trees Being Cut Around Heron Pond Dam - Monday, Oct. 16

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Today, Monday, Oct. 16, you may see Twin Oak Tree Care working around Heron Pond dam (large storm drain pond).  They are contracted to remove trees in the auxiliary spillway (rip rapped area) and on the far side of Heron Pond.  The community is required to remove the trees per state inspection as the trees are located too close to the actual dam and could cause damage to the dam structure in the case of a flood/1,000yr storm.  The contractor is removing approx. 40 trees (large and small) and should complete the work by the end of the day. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Crosspointe office, 703-690-2321.

Crosspointe Game Night - Sunday, Oct. 15, 6-9pm

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This Sunday, Oct 15, is Crosspointe Game Night (Board Games, Bridge & Mah Jongg).

Join you
r neighbors for tabletop gaming this Sunday night (Oct 15).  We play Board Games, Bridge, and Mah Jongg.  We meet at the community center from 6-9pm.

If you have any questions, you can contact the following people:  

Bridge - Ronni Jillions at "" or 703-856-2226.  Please contact ahead to help organize a foursome;

Board Games - Steven Schwartz at "" or 703-495-0300;

Mah Jongg - Marla Ozarowski at or 703-643-0015.

South County Police Station and Animal Shelter Information Meeting - Wed., Oct. 11, 2017, 7:30pm

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The South County Federation will hold an information meeting on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, at South County High School Library (Media Room). 

The meeting will start at 7:30 pm. Representatives from Mount Vernon District Supervisor Storck’s office, Fairfax County Design Team (Fairfax County Police Station, Animal Shelter, and the Building Design and Construction Division), and the Steering Committee will be present to discuss the progress and answer questions regarding this facility. 

BOT Approves Property Standards Update for Mailboxes

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BOT Approves Property Standards Update for Mailboxes

The Board of Trustees has approved the ARB’s recommendation for a locking mailbox option as specified in the following update. The changes resulted from some homeowners experiencing problems with mail tampering and theft. The complete revised standard including the appendix is available online. Web site:                    

 Revise the following section as indicated:
XI.FF. Mailboxes and Posts
Add the following to paragraph 1. Requirement:
 c. An application is not required to install an Oasis 360 Parcel Mailbox (locking) provided the standards are met.
 Replace the contents of paragraph 2. Standards with the following:
  1. Mailboxes will be United States Postal Service (USPS) approved and gloss black. They can be either steel or plastic cans, size C1½, or a steel Oasis 360 Parcel Mailbox (locking). Only one post design is approved for use. See Appendix A-3. Mailbox post color will be as determined by the ARB.  Check with the Management Office.

  2. Mailboxes are available at local hardware stores. If not in stock, go to customer service or order online.

  3. Replacement mailboxes and posts shall be placed in the same location.

  4. For ease of identification by emergency personnel, house numbers of reflective white, black or brass  no more than 3 inches in height may be placed on the mailbox or post.

  5. Decorated mailboxes or permanent covers for mailboxes are prohibited.

  6. Mailboxes must be well maintained, i.e., free of rust, dents, and or fading color. Plastic mailboxes must be replaced when they begin to fade.

  7. Posts must be plumb, in good condition and stained when color fades.


Annual Board of Trustee Election: The Results

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Crosspointe homeowners re-elected five trustees at the March 28, 2017, annual meeting:  Board of Trustees President Howard Kaufer, who chaired the annual meeting; and Trustees John Cewe, Pat Ciarlo, Ed Mills and Larry Rice.  The trustees serve two-year terms.  Four positions on the Board will come up for election next year.

Crosspointe Assessment Billing Changes Summary

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PLEASE NOTE: No action will be required by owners currently enrolled in Crosspointe's Direct-Debit program with FirstService Residential, as these payments will not be disrupted. 

PLEASE NOTE: No action will be required by owners currently set up to pay assessments by BillPay through their own banks.  The lockbox address remains the same: 

Crosspointe Swim & Racquet, Inc.
c/o FirstService Residential
P.O. Box 11983
Newark, NJ 07101-4983

Residents may continue to mail personal checks to the same Crosspointe lock box (address above). No action required.

Owners who were setup with PayLease to make e-check (ACH) or credit card payments will need to activate a new account with ClickPay.  For questions about these changes, please contact  You can also go to or or call 1.888.354.0135.

2017 Pool Registration

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2017 Pool Registration Schedule:

Thursday, May 25, 6-8pm
Friday, May 26, 1-4pm
Saturday, May 27 - POOL OPENS
May 30, 6-8pm
May 31, 4-6pm

Pool Registration is held in the Glen Eagles Community Center.  If you are in need of 2017 stickers to update your Pool IDs or you need new photo IDs, each family is required to fill out the 2017 Pool Registration form (also located in the drop-down menu under "forms (PDF)." You must attend a scheduled registration session listed above to walk home with 2017 pool stickers or to have a pool photo ID made.   

If a registration form is turned in during office hours on or before May 31, the form will be processed at a registration session and stickers will be available for pickup at the Glen Eagles pool front desk, under last name, once the pools open. 

After May 31, pool registration forms will be processed on Fridays only, before 3pm.  2017 pool stickers and photo ID cards may be given to owners during registration or will be made available for pickup on Fridays after 3pm. They will be left at the front desk of the Glen Eagle's pool and filed by last name.  

We appreciate your cooperation.  Looking forward to a great pool season!

No Increase in the FY2017 Quarterly Homeowner Assessment

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There will be no increase in the 2017 Quarterly Assessment.  The quarterly assessment remains $225.00 per unit.  Those that live on common driveways or "pipestems" will see a slight increase in the annual pipestem assessment.  Please review the "2017 Notice of Assessment" and the "2017 Approved Budget" found under the drop down menu "Forms" and subfolder "All Files."

Have a safe and Happy New Year!
Crosspointe Management

Crosspointe Streets and Virginia Repaving Ratings

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According to Delegate Dave Albo (R-42nd District), Virginia prioritizes road construction based on projects that will reduce the most congestion.  Repaving is based on ratings that were produced using ground penetrating radar.  In theory, it should be “worst, first” for repaving.  You can see how your street in Crosspointe – or other roads --  are rated at://  The map on the website shows that Silverbrook Road between Rt. 123 and Greentree Manor Lane is scheduled for repaving – in fact, this was accomplished earlier this year.

Current 2017 Chronicle Available

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The latest edition of The Chronicle is now available.
To download it, please
click here