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Virtual Wine Tasting and Master Class Tasting - This Weekend

Upcoming Social Committee Events



How to Wine Taste Properly - Condé Nast Traveler

March 24: VIRTUAL WINE TASTING: On behalf of the Crosspointe Social Committee: Gather some friends and enjoy a fun night in as you join us on Friday, March 24, at 7 p.m. on Zoom for an outstanding Italian wine tasting. The virtual tasting session will be hosted by The Wine Attic and Impero Wine Distributors. The cost is $99.99 and includes four bottles of wine. For more information and to register, please visit


March 25: MASTER CLASS TASTING: Prefer an in-person wine-tasting experience? This master class is for you! Join us on Saturday, March 25, at 7 p.m. in the Community Center with The Wine Attic and Impero Wine Distributors as they guide us through the northwestern region of Piemonte. The cost is $40 and space is limited to the first 30 registrants. More information and registration is available here:

Deadline extended. Sign up TODAY! 

March 23 "Food Truck Thursday" at Oak Chase - From Tuscany with Love

From Tuscany with Love is also offering a cash purchase deal. 6% off of items except sodas and water when purchased with cash only.

March 23, 2022


Board of Trustees Members Present: Howard Kaufer, President; Larry Rice, Vice President; John Cewe, Treasurer; Patricia Ciarlo, Secretary; Randy Cotten, Trustee; Hayden Shea, Trustee; and Alan Sullivan, Trustee.
Others Present: Heather McDevitt, Community Manager, FirstService Residential; and Katie Elliott, Recording Secretary, On the Record, Inc.


Mr. Kaufer called the March 23, 2022, Crosspointe Swim & Racquet, Inc. (Crosspointe) Annual Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
Mr. Kaufer stated that notice of the annual meeting was mailed via USPS on February 15, 2022 and noted the presence of a quorum.


Names of Candidates for Board of Trustees
Mr. Cotten, who chaired the Elections Committee, stated that there were four (4) nominees for four (4) open positions. Those nominees are Lee English, Andrew Haskins, Hayden Shea, and Alan Sullivan.
Announce Balloting Closes – 7:30 pm


A. Fairfax County West Springfield District Police Update
Captain Gregory Malarkey, Commander, Fairfax County Police – West Springfield District: Captain Malarkey gave an update concerning local events. Loud cars have been a consistent complaint, but officers are prohibited from stopping cars due to excessive noise. An update was provided for the murders that occurred in 2021. There are several vacant officer positions. New construction is on schedule for the police station and animal shelter and is expected to be completed by May 2023.Crime Prevention Office PFC Tony Capizzi discussed the biggest concerns for the community and gave statistics from 2020-2021. He also noted that property cases have gone down.

B. Virginia Legislative Updates

Senator George Barker provided an update on the budget. The legislative session ended a week ago, but the budget did not pass. There will be a special session in April to wrap up budget.

Delegate Kathy Tran provided an update. The budget must be finalized by June 30th and the State is constitutionally bound to provide a balanced budget. She also noted the issues with loud mufflers and speeding on Route 123. VDOT is doing a traffic study that should be done by sometime in May. There is a bill that is waiting for the governor to review regarding officers being allowed to stop cars with loud mufflers. Delegate Tran also discussed the possibility that a professional football field may be built in Loudoun or Prince William County.

C. Supervisor Pat Herrity – Springfield District

Supervisor Herrity stated that the biggest challenges for Fairfax County are public safety, schools, and budget and taxes. Teen job and opportunity fairs have been successful. VDOT will be putting a latex coat on 123 between Lee Chapel Road and Occoquan. The bulk of the Crosspointe community will be repaved this year. There is legislative redistricting happening and a police officer shortage. Supervisor Herrity discussed the new Alpine X facility and how it will make Fairfax County a destination spot for recreational sports and bring in significant revenue. Building should begin in December 2023. For the county budget, there is a large surplus due to a rise in assessments. There will be a Budget Townhall meeting at Supervisor Herrity’s office in West Springfield on March 30, 2022, at 7 pm. The Budget hearings will be April 12-14. The summer concert series will be returning to Burke Lake Park, every Wednesday from July 14-August 24.

D. Supervisor Dan Storck – Mount Vernon District

Supervisor Storck discussed the new Alpine X facility and its impact on Fairfax County, the need for more police officers, the new police facility and animal shelter, and the Lorton Community Center and Library. He also discussed new retail openings.
E. Fairfax County School Board Representative, Laura Jane Cohen
Ms. Cohen discussed the process for searching for a new superintendent. The principal of South County will be leaving at the end of the year. Online tutoring begins in April. The teacher fill rate is at the highest it has been since before the pandemic, but the instructional assistant fill rate is still low. There have been supply chain issues with school foods and Ms. Cohen is pushing for more scratch cooking. The budget is providing the teachers with a pay raise. To see how each school is spending Covid grant money, review the FCPS website.


Mr. Kaufer provided a report on the Crosspointe Community for 2021. All amenities were open to full capacity for 2021. Meetings are currently being held virtually, but we hope to go back in person, with a hybrid option for those who would like to attend virtually. The financial position is good, with the same assessment rate. The community invested in the amenities and there are plans for four (4) major projects in the upcoming year. Residents who would like to receive updates may register on the Crosspointe website.


A. Architectural Review Board – Nick Rumberger, Chair
Mr. Rumberger reported that there were 300 applications completed for 2021, with most being approved on the first submission. The ones not approved typically required more information. ARB meetings are on the first Monday of every month, via Zoom. If interested in submitting an application, it is recommended that you attend a meeting and read through the guidelines.

B. Budget & Finance – Phil Ciarlo, Chair

Mr. Ciarlo advised that the committee meets quarterly and its main function is development of the annual budget. The budget for 2021 was completed as expected. The fiscal year 2023 budget development will begin in September 2022, with hybrid meetings. A draft budget will be completed and submitted to the Board in October for review. The final budget will be approved in November. The Reserve Study will be updated this year and an RFP will be going out for engineers. Inflation and the increase in minimum wage will be factored into the 2023 budget. The audit for 2021 has been reviewed and everything is on track with reserve study and spending as expected.

C. Communications – Hayden Shea, Chair
Mr. Shea has been the chair for six (6) months and the committee is looking for volunteers. The committee’s recent accomplishments include, putting up better signage for community events, the purchasing of a portable sound speaker, and taking the lead on developing the requirements for hybrid meetings. Their new focus will be on refreshing the Crosspointe website and looking for ways to improve digital communications.

D. Open Space – Greg Fabian, Chair

Mr. Fabian has been the chair for three (3) months. The committee’s recent accomplishments include field trips to meet with homeowners, solving issues with homeowners encroaching on open space, planting trees in open areas which helps cut down on mowing and is good for the environment, fixing erosion issues on trails, having the County clean drainage ponds, and removing dead and dying trees. There were repairs to trails. The Eagle Scouts project provided picnic tables. The committee meets every third Wednesday.

E. Pool – Scott LeMay, Chair

Mr. LeMay gave highlights from the year 2021. The pools will be opening on May 28th. New motion activated lights were installed, there are two new springboards, and 25% of the pool furniture has been replaced. The committee is looking into new fencing at Oak Chase Pool. The committee meets the first Tuesday of the month.

F. Social – Betsy Cotten, Chair

Ms. Cotten gave an update on the committee’s accomplishments for 2021. The committee was reinvigorated in 2020. Their focus is on providing neighbors a way to get to know one another. There are currently nine (9) volunteers, and the committee received an additional $12,450 in funding for 2022. Each event that the committee has organized received anywhere from 20-400 people. The committee is looking for additional volunteers for the subcommittees. Those subcommittees are the Food Trucks committee, which schedules food trucks every Thursday; the Adults Committee, which focuses on events for those over 21; the Welcome Committee, which greets every new resident with welcome bags, and the Tots and Family committee, which plans events for families. There are also three other event committees that schedule events for the holidays.

G. Tennis – Kevin Garrahan, Chair

Mr. Garrahan gave an update on the Tennis Committee. Crosspointe is a very active tennis community. The committee’s primary mission is to provide advice to the Board in maintaining the tennis facilities. The committee has monthly meetings on the fourth Monday of each month. In the upcoming year, the committee is hoping to offer socials for adults and children and hire a trainer to work with children who are interested in learning tennis.

H. South County Federation – Cathy Bonnefil, Resident

Ms. Bonnefil represents Crosspointe at the South County Federation meetings and provides detailed minutes of what was discussed for the community. She will be moving and is looking for someone to replace her.


Mr. Cotten announced that 179 ballots received, and the results were as follows:

Lee English 166
Andrew Haskins 163
Hayden Shea 158
Alan Sullivan 161

The candidates elected to the Crosspointe Board of Trustees are Lee English, Andrew Haskins, Hayden Shea, and Alan Sullivan.


Mr. Kaufer adjourned the 2022 Crosspointe Annual Meeting at 9:37 pm.
Respectfully submitted by,
Katie Elliott, Recording Secretary, On the Record, Inc.