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Glen Eagles Tennis Courts Closed Beginning May 29

Glen Eagles tennis courts will be closed thru Sunday, June 10.  The two lower courts will reopen Monday morning, June 11.  The two upper courts will be open later in the week.

South County Police Station and Animal Shelter Meeting

A County meeting is planned for Wednesday June 13, 2018 on the South County Police Station and Animal Shelter. The meeting is at the Workhouse Arts Center from 7-830pm, Vulcan Muse Gallery (Building W-16).

Crosspointe Pools Opened Saturday, May 26  

The 2018 Pool Hours from May 26-Last Day of School (June 15) are: 
Glen Eagles: Weekdays 11am-9pm; Weekends & Holidays10am-9pm;
Oak Chase: Weekdays 11am-9pm; Weekends & Holidays 10am-9pm;

Be sure to look below at list of pool closings for the Cruisers Swim & Dive Team activities. 

2018 Pool Closings for Cruisers Swim & Dive Team Practices/Meets 

A list of pool closing dates/times is found under "Board/Committees" dropdown menu, under "Pool" and "Pool Documents." Below is the summer practice schedule and pool closings in June 2018.

DATES         LOCATION         TIMES         PURPOSE
May 29–Jun 15     Glen Eagles (GE)    4-8PM         Practice (M-F)
May 29-Jun 15    GE Dive Well (DW)    4-7PM        Dive Practice (M-F)
Jun 18–Jul 27    Oak Chase        7:30-9:45AM     Practice (M-F)
Jun 18–Aug 3    GE            7:30-10:45AM    Practice (M-F)
Jun 18–Aug 3    GE DW            8:45-11:45AM    Dive Practice (M-F)
Fri Jun 15    GE            6-7:30PM    Pep Rally
Sat Jun 16    GE Pool/CCC        7:30-12Noon    Time Trials
Fri Jun 22    GE            6-7:30PM    Pep Rally
Sat Jun 23    GE Pool/CCC        7:30-12Noon    Swim Meet
Tues Jun 26    GE Pool/CCC        4-9PM        Dive Meet
Thurs Jun 28    GE Pool/CCC        4-9PM        Dive Meet *** RD
Fri Jun 29    GE            6-7:30PM    Pep Rally

Where are my 2018 Pool ID Stickers? 

All 2018 stickers were mailed on Thursday, May 17 to those who submitted online pool registration forms. We encourage residents using a temporary ID year after year to attend a photo session and obtain a photo ID. Temporary IDs are just that "temporary" and should only be used for a season or two at the most but replaced with a photo ID. Thank you.

Pool ID Registration Sessions

In-Person Pool Registration Sessions 

Tuesday, May 29 - Late Registration - 6-8pm
Wednesday, May 30 - Late Registration - 4-6pm

Once the scheduled pool registration sessions end (May 30), pool IDs will be renewed or processed on Fridays only during the pool season in the management office from 9am until noon.  Stickers and ID cards will be made available for pickup on Fridays after 3pm at the Glen Eagles pool front desk.  Please ask the guards for your pool IDs (filed under last name).

Crosspointe Associate Pool Memberships Available for Non-Crosspointe Neighbors

Non-Crosspointe residents can join the Crosspointe pools.  $550 per family for the entire pool season.  Associate Member children are eligible to join the Crosspointe Cruisers Swim and Dive Teams.  Please contact the Management office at 703-690-2321 for details and membership forms/instructions.

Bow Fishing? On Heron Pond?

What’s going on here? Well, if you see a resident/guest using Archery equipment to fish on Heron Pond, don’t be alarmed. They are helping reduce our Grass Carp population. Grass Carp were introduced a few years back to reduce the volume of organic matter (grasses). It worked. Now, reducing their population would be a good thing. You can’t catch Grass Carp the conventional way because they don’t go for bait on a hook. They primarily eat grasses. Bow Fishing for Grass Carp is regulated as a fishing activity by the Department of Game & Inland Fisheries. It’s perfectly legal. If you see someone bow fishing, thank them for helping out!  Larry Rice