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2017 Pool Registration


2017 Pool Registration Schedule:

Thursday, May 25, 6-8pm
Friday, May 26, 1-4pm
Saturday, May 27 - POOL OPENS
May 30, 6-8pm
May 31, 4-6pm

Pool Registration is held in the Glen Eagles Community Center.  If you are in need of 2017 stickers to update your Pool IDs or you need new photo IDs, each family is required to fill out the 2017 Pool Registration form (also located in the drop-down menu under "forms (PDF)." You must attend a scheduled registration session listed above to walk home with 2017 pool stickers or to have a pool photo ID made.   

If a registration form is turned in during office hours on or before May 31, the form will be processed at a registration session and stickers will be available for pickup at the Glen Eagles pool front desk, under last name, once the pools open. 

After May 31, pool registration forms will be processed on Fridays only, before 3pm.  2017 pool stickers and photo ID cards may be given to owners during registration or will be made available for pickup on Fridays after 3pm. They will be left at the front desk of the Glen Eagle's pool and filed by last name.  

We appreciate your cooperation.  Looking forward to a great pool season!