Have You Noticed Strange, Underwater Organisms Growing in Heron Pond?

Monday, April 02 2018 @ 02:16 PM

Contributed by: hmcdevitt

The Management Office has received calls from residents about the strange pods or “blobs” in Heron Pond under the large bridge on Crosspointe Drive, across from Silverbrook Elementary School.  These pods are known as Bryozoans (moss animals) and are generally an indicator of good water quality.  See the link provided by Shannon Junior of Solitude Lake Management, our pond maintenance contractor.


Bow Fishing? On Heron Pond?

What’s going on here? Well, if you see a resident/guest using Archery equipment to fish on Heron Pond, don’t be alarmed. They are helping reduce our Grass Carp population. Grass Carp were introduced a few years back to reduce the volume of organic matter (grasses). It worked. Now, reducing their population would be a good thing. You can’t catch Grass Carp the conventional way because they don’t go for bait on a hook. They primarily eat grasses. Bow Fishing for Grass Carp is regulated as a fishing activity by the Department of Game & Inland Fisheries. It’s perfectly legal. If you see someone bow fishing, thank them for helping out!  Larry Rice