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Thursdays at Oak Chase Pool Events

Don't Miss the last food truck of the season... on August 23rd "Rocklands BBQ" will be at Oak Chase pool.  Their menu includes baby-back ribs, barbequed beef ribs, barbequed pulled chicken sandwiches, pit beef sandwiches, "Feast for Five" combo of ribs and chicken, potato rolls, salads and sides, and Rockland's Belly Juice.  Check out their website at 

Can I Still Register for 2018 Pool IDs? 
Yes you can.  Pool Registration forms are processed on Fridays only for the remainder of the 2018 pool season from 9am until noon.  Registration is done in the Crosspointe onsite management office.

Crosspointe 2018 Pool Hours until Aug. 27
Glen Eagles Pool: Weekdays 10am-9pm; Weekends & Holidays10am-9pm
Glen Eagles Pool Phone #: 703-690-4895

Oak Chase Pool: Weekdays 10am-9pm; Weekends & Holidays 10am-9pm
Oak Chase Pool Phone #: 703-690-3525

Crosspointe Associate Pool Memberships Available for Non-Crosspointe Neighbors

Non-Crosspointe residents can join the Crosspointe pools.  Price for remainder of pool season is $275.00 per family for the remainder of the pool season.  Associate Member's children are eligible to join the Crosspointe Cruisers Swim and Dive Teams.  Please contact the Management office at 703-690-2321 for more details and membership forms/instructions. 

Bow Fishing? On Heron Pond?
What’s going on here? Well, if you see a resident/guest using Archery equipment to fish on Heron Pond, don’t be alarmed. They are helping reduce our Grass Carp population. Grass Carp were introduced a few years back to reduce the volume of organic matter (grasses). It worked. Now, reducing their population would be a good thing. You can’t catch Grass Carp the conventional way because they don’t go for bait on a hook. They primarily eat grasses. Bow Fishing for Grass Carp is regulated as a fishing activity by the Department of Game & Inland Fisheries. It’s perfectly legal. If you see someone bow fishing, thank them for helping out!  Larry Rice